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New Active Learning Spaces Created for Teaching & Training

Engage & explore teaching & technology in new ENGR rooms

Over the summer, Engineering rooms 023, 025 and 102 were all renovated with brand new furniture and new technology to further enhance faculty & staff training, in addition to classroom learning. Room 102 will be exclusive for faculty & staff use, while room 023 will be used as an Active Learning Classroom and room 025 will remain as a Flex Lab for training. 

Active Learning Classroom (ENGR 023) & Flex Lab (ENGR 025)

ENGR rooms 023 and 025 were also renovated over the summer and include new furniture. Room 023 will serve as an Active Learning classroom. An instructor in this room can experiment with different configurations similar to ENGR 102. The room is also a smart classroom, equipped with a touch-enabled interactive projector and features classroom audio enhancement, with wireless microphones throughout the room. There is a new wireless collaboration device that allows any device, whether it be iOS, Android, Windows, or Mac to share content wirelessly onto the projector. 

On the left is a before shot of ENGR 023 before it was renovated. On the right is the after shot, featuring mobile whiteboards and new furniture that can be moved around. 

ENGR 025 will continue to function as a training lab but no longer features desktop workstations. Instead, individuals will have to bring their own devices or check out Chromebooks for training. Multiple devices are supported in all of the spaces, so we encourage our faculty, staff, and students to bring laptops, tablets, or other portables. Since all the furniture can be moved around, these spaces provide more flexibility to promote active learning. 

Another shot of 023 and all the new furniture it has.

Faculty Sandbox (ENGR 102)

In September, the Faculty Sandbox will provide UMBC faculty and staff access to a flexible environment to test-drive innovative technologies, explore strategies to promote active learning, and engage in conversations about teaching & student success.

On the left, a small group discussion layout. On the right, this layout promotes pair or individual work and/or can be used for testing purposes. The dividers may be used for privacy.

Located in ENGR 102 and connected to ENGR 101 suite currently housing the Instructional Technology department and Faculty Development Center, the Faculty Sandbox features a dynamic floor plan that allows it to transform its layout depending on the needs of the activity. The room can support a range of activities from presentations, training, brown bags, workshops, meetings, and consultations. The room features 32 seats,16 tables with small whiteboards, 6 large whiteboards, and 2 media displays, all of which can be moved around. 

On the left, a traditional classroom layout where there is a designated front of the classroom where the facilitator conducts instruction. A media display can be placed up front, or the space can be lecture-driven. On the right is a seminar layout, U-shaped. This layout promotes larger group discussion. The facilitator has the ability to walk around the inside and outside of the seminar table.

Accessing & Scheduling

DoIT manages the schedule 023 during the day, which allows for training, work meetings, and some classes, with the Registrar’s office scheduling classes during the evening hours. The schedule for 025 is coordinated by DoIT entirely. Please open an RT ticket to request these spaces. 

All calendar events for 102 are posted to the Instructional Technology and Faculty Development Center group pages on myUMBC. Faculty may also request access to the Sandbox for non-class activities by opening an RT ticket. 

The Faculty Sandbox, Active Learning Classroom, and Flex Lab are new spaces and new in concept at UMBC. ITNM looks forward to having conversations with faculty and staff to define and refine these spaces so that it can constantly evolve to meet the ever-changing needs of our campus community.

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Posted: August 25, 2016, 10:56 AM