Featured Recordings from Quality Matters

These recordings were presented at various Quality Matters conferences.

Redesigning Assessments for Interaction and Engagement

Rethinking your multiple-choice exams? Tired of discussions that seem like busywork? This session will highlight assessment types, examples, and strategies, including designing authentic assessments and using LMS tools to support your assessment goals.

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Enhancing Inclusiveness within the Quality Matters Framework

Diversity and inclusion are core principles incorporated into effective instruction and Quality Matters standards. For example, Standard 1 promotes inclusiveness through the course welcome and introductions. Standard 3 emphasizes multiple opportunities to demonstrate competence with varied assessments and Standard 8 enhances inclusion through accessibility and usability. The purpose of this session is to identify and develop strategies that promote inclusion in an online learning environment.

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Road Trip! Helping Students Reach Their Learning Destinations via Effective Course Design

How do we help students reach their learning goals? In this presentation, attendees will examine strategies for beginning with the end in mind, creating measurable learning objectives, and adding effective content to their learning management system.

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