Welcome to PIVOT…

“In the industrial age, we went to school.
In the communications age, the school comes to us.”

~ Dr. Andy DiPaolo, Stanford Center for Professional Development

Launched in SP2020, Planning Instructional Variety for Online Teaching (PIVOT) is a new professional development program for instructors who wish to take a more deliberate and holistic approach to preparing their courses for remote, synchronous and asynchronous, online instruction.

PIVOT Tracks

Delivered in five 60-minute webinars over five days, PIVOT Live topics focus on helping instructors achieve competency in areas related to pedagogy, course design and development as well as technical and administrative skills.

PIVOT+ is a 10-day facilitated, cohort-based online workshop available to faculty who are preparing for FA2020 courses. PIVOT Solo is a collection of resource, FAQs, and PIVOT webinar recordings, complemented by DoIT’s Academic Continuity and the Faculty Development Center’s (FDC) Keep on Teaching sites.


Inspired by nearly 90 faculty participating in the Alternate Delivery Program (ADP), which focuses on redesigning select courses for winter and summer delivery in online or hybrid format, PIVOT is grounded in the evidence-based principles for how people learn and shares many of the best practices of teaching in face-to-face classrooms, but leverages those principles and adapts the practices to the online environment. Like the ADP, PIVOT leverages the highly-regarded Quality Matters (QM) standards for effective online course design, and is ideal for participants who found themselves thrust into online teaching in response to COVID-19, but would like to be more proactive and intentional about their future online course design and instruction.