Faculty Testimonials

From Faculty

  • While it was an incredibly stressful summer overall, I greatly appreciated [the] efforts to create the PIVOT+ Training program. This was very valuable to me, even though I do have familiarity and feel reasonably comfortable with technology and was able to serve as an Ambassador. I believe that faculty were so much better prepared for the fall than we would have been if there had not been this robust training in place. I also found that the spirit of community that grew out of that experience was extremely helpful.
  • The training was a much appreciated and needed experience. I’m sure it will have a long lasting impact on the way faculty approach their course design and teaching, not only online. It opened the door for collaboration and candid discussion among a very heterogeneous group of educators. I always admire and appreciate what you do but this was especially amazing, not even considering how fast you had to put it together.
  • I appreciated the faculty mentors. I found office hours with my mentors to be the most helpful aspect of the workshop and a useful way to organize, contextualize, and sort the huge amount of information we were given.
  • I thought this workshop was very rich and amazingly well thought out and designed for having to be put together so quickly. The PIVOT instructors were incredibly helpful and flexible and the mentors were wonderful and a great idea.
  • I loved the structure of the combined asynchronous and synchronous components. The course was extremely well designed. I especially enjoyed our synchronous meetings. The time was used efficiently, the Instructional Technology team was well prepared and responsive to questions, and I learned so much from the sessions. Overall, the workshop helped me realize I’m not in this alone.
  • My favorite part was the relationships that we, as mentors, built with our faculty partners. It was really good to have the chance to work with colleagues as we puzzled out ways to make our classes better.