Discussion Questions

PIVOT+ leverages Collaborate breakout groups and peer mentor facilitated cohorts to encourage faculty conversation and engagement throughout the program. Faculty engagement in delivering this important training is critical to establishing peer relationships (Bain, 2004) and building long-term social networks to reduce isolation associated with teaching online (Covington, Petherbridge & Warren, 2005; Shapiro 2006). As such, after each daily topic, we provide a deep dive into the topic, which features a faculty show-and-tell, guest speaker from a supporting academic unit, overview of an instructional technology, or discussion.

Learning Objectives
  1. What challenges do you see when reviewing your current learning objectives within your course?
  2. What course-level or unit-level learning objectives are missing from your course?
Course Organization
  1. How do you plan to use the course blueprint to support online course design?
  2. What helpful resources will you need as you begin to design?
  1. What are your course assessments?
  2. What challenges do you expect in converting these assessments to an online course?
Active Learning
  1. F2F Active Learning: What are some of the active learning strategies you employed in your face-to-face courses? How did these strategies support your pedagogy? What tools did you use?
  2. Online Tools: How might you transpose those strategies online? What online tools could you use? What support would you need?
  3. Alignment: How do those tools align on your Course Blueprint with your learning objectives you reviewed earlier this week?
Course Introduction
  1. How do you introduce yourself to your students? What information do you share? What do you not disclose? Why?
  2. How do you have students introduce themselves? What do you ask students to disclose? Why?
  3. What are the main learning activities and communication strategies in your course? How do you orient students for how these strategies will be used and what student expectations are?
  4. What do you think are important “netiquette” expectations?  What netiquette expectations do you have for your students? For yourself?
Communication & Engagement
  1. How did you communicate with and engage your students in the face-to-face environment?
  2. What possible tool(s) could you use to continue your face-to-face communication strategies?
  3. What communication challenges do you anticipate? How could you overcome the road block?
Universal Design for Learning & Accessibility
  1. How might you provide one piece of content in multiple formats?
  2. How might you provide more than learning activity for students to engage with content or one another?
  3. What other ways of demonstrating learning can you offer students?