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Webinar - ChatGPT & AI: Preparing for Literacy & Leadership

Free webinar from EDUCAUSE



Date & Time

September 7, 2023, 1:00 pm2:00 pm


OpenAI released ChatGPT, a chat interface for its large language model that users can use to make a seemingly endless array of queries that often result in stunning responses. The relative ease in getting the program to create everything from poems to short answers to complete essays has led many faculty and administrators to consider opportunities for effective human-AI teaming in various areas.


At the conclusion of this free webinar from EDUCAUSE, attendees will:
  • Understand the various types of generative AI that are most likely to impact higher education.
  • List potential pedagogical opportunities related to generative AI and coursework.
  • Become introduced to an AI literacy framework and review key literacies for faculty and staff.
  • Explore how leaders can address the effects and impacts of AI on higher education.

Executive Director, LINK Research Lab
University of Texas at Arlington

Director, Course Development & Training
Oregon State University

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