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Webinar: Energize Discussions with Thinking Routines

Part of the OLC Accelerate 2023 Best-in-Track webinar series



Date & Time

March 12, 2024, 12:00 pm1:00 pm


Activities and assignments in online courses can sometimes begin to feel redundant, as students respond to similar types of questions or engage in similar types of activities each week. How can we stretch students’ thinking, and help them to engage with the course content and with each other in deeper, more engaging ways? 

One solution is incorporating Harvard’s Project Zero thinking routines into instruction. These research-based routines are aimed at making student thinking visible through utilizing a variety of structured protocols. 

In this webinar, discuss the different categories of Thinking Routines and other experiential activities based on the routines. We will also explore concrete ways that the routines can be incorporated into a variety of course activities and assignments (such as formative assessments, discussions, reflections, reading responses, and more).  

Key messages:
  • Describe what thinking routines are and how they are organized.
  • Identify thinking routines that would work well for specific course activities.
  • Plan methods for incorporating thinking routines into instruction.
Join this session to discover how thinking routines can be used in creative ways in order to provide students with multimodal opportunities to share their thinking and learning. Participants will leave the session with dozens of thinking routines that they can immediately implement into their instruction, regardless of the discipline they teach.

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