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Three Faculty Earn Quality Matters Certification in FA2022

12 of 17 USM’s QM certified courses are from UMBC

Three additional UMBC faculty have earned Quality Matters (QM) certification of their online or hybrid courses in the Fall 2022 semester following rigorous peer reviews as part of the Quality Matters Impact (QMI) program.

Faculty participants received feedback from certified QM subject matter experts and peer reviewers as part of a formal course review. They also earned a digital credential for completing the Applying the Quality Matters Rubric (APPQMR) workshop earlier this year as part of the preparation to take a course through the peer review process.

The three courses include:

SPAN 102 - Elementary Spanish II 

Maria Manni

Date certified: 12.13.2022

Maria Manni

POLI 210 - Political Theory

Lisa Vetter

Date certified: 12.13.2022

Lisa Vetter

PSYC 317 - Cognitive Psychology

Diane Alonso

Date certified: 12.14.2022

Diane Alonso

These faculty join nine who have earned QM Certification since 2021: 

  • AGNG 355 - The Experience of Dementia (Louise Murray)
  • CHEM 101 - Principles of Chemistry 1 (Sarah Bass)
  • EDUC 667 - Structure of English for TESOL (Mary Tabaa)
  • ENCH 300 - Chemical Process Thermodynamics (Mariajose Castellanos)
  • PBHL 100 - Survey of the US Healthcare System (Katie Birger)
  • GWST 210: Intro to Critical Sexuality Studies (Kate Drabinski)
  • SOCY 351: Health, Illness, and Medicine (John Schumacher)
  • EHS 115: Medical Terminology (Gary Williams)
  • CMSC 104: Problem Solving & Computer Programming (Chris Marron)

In partnership with the Provost's Office, the QMI pilot  launched in FA2021 as an extension of the  award-winning PIVOT program to recognize exemplary course design. A QM Official review provides independent validation of quality, learner-focused course design. 

As of December 2022, 12 of the 17 QM certified courses in the University System of Maryland are from UMBC. QM certifications are valid for five years. A course achieves QM Certification when it meets QM Rubric Standards at the 85% threshold or better and meets all Essential Standards. The newly certified courses are eligible to display the QM Certification Mark, an internationally recognized symbol of online and blended course design quality, on the syllabus or within the course. The QM Certification Mark represents these instructors' ongoing commitment to creating learning environments that provide students with a clear pathway to success. 

DoIT's Instructional Technology team manages the formal review process and facilitates the fully online, asynchronous Applying the Quality Matters Rubric workshop designed to help instructors prepare for a formal course review.

For more information about the Quality Matters Impact program, please contact the QM coordinators for UMBC:

Dr. Mariann Hawken

Director, Instructional Technology


Dr. Susan Biro

Manager, Online Learning


Posted: December 21, 2022, 10:07 AM